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Why exfoliation is essential to your skin care regime?

Why exfoliation is essential

Your skin is constantly regenerating. Skin cells start their life cycle in the lower layer of the skin, the dermis. As the cells rise to the surface layer, the epidermis, they gradually die and become filled with keratin.

These keratinized skin cells are essential because they give our skin its protective quality. The top layer of dead skin cells is constantly being shed to make way for the new, younger skin underneath. However, dead skin cells can cling to the outer layer and leave the skin looking dull and dried out. Exfoliation will help remove this unnecessary layer.

As well as removing these dead skin cells, exfoliation removes any dirt and oil that can get trapped and cause clogged pores and spots.

A regular exfoliation can even skin tone and leave your skin feeling fresher, cleaner and looking healthier.


Where should I exfoliate?

You should exfoliate not only your face, but the rest of your skin too.

Your skins regeneration process is taking place all over your body, all the time. To get healthy, smooth, soft skin you need to remove that outer layer of dead skin cells from everywhere. When you apply a moisturiser or lotion it has to work its way through any layers of dead skin to get to the new skin underneath. Therefore removing this layer makes moisturising easier and more effective.

When exfoliating your face it is important to use a gentle exfoliator specifically designed for the face. Your skin is more sensitive here and if you use a harsh exfoliator you can cause some damage.

The skin on the rest of the body is more resilient so you can use a rougher exfoliator. You can also scrub more on areas that are prone to dry skin, such as the knees, elbows and feet.

Don’t forget about those hard to reach areas too! The skin on our backs often suffers as it is difficult to get too. You can use a dry body brush with a long handle or book in for a professional scrub to give it a really good exfoliation.

What products can I use?

At Luna we like to use the Perfect Potion range of products as they not only feel and smell great, they are also very beneficial to your skin.

Perfect Potion’s skin care range is a synergy of the highest quality certified organic essential oils, infused plant oils, cold pressed vegetable oils, organically grown herbal extracts and plant derived ingredients.  They are also Australian made and have a range of products to suit any skin type.

 We offer several exfoliation treatments including:

Detox Body Buff & Massage
Gentle Full body exfoliation
using the Perfect Potion Detox Body buff
and a full body massage! (90 minutes)

Zest Body Polish & Massage
Invigorating Full body exfoliation
using the Perfect Potion Zest Body Polish
and a full body massage! (90 minutes)

Warm Foot Soak, Exfoliation, Scrub, Mask and Massage
Relaxing soak and massage that also incorporates exfoliation (60 min)

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