Taping is generally used for injury prevention, injuries and for bruising and can be used on all age groups.

Some of the benefits that come from taping are:

  • Provides stability and support
  • Acts as a stabiliser on extremely flexible joints
  • Keeps a stable position of a joint to allow muscles and ligaments to heal
  • Corrects poor posture
  • Decreases healing time of bruises


Corinna offers two different types of taping at LUNA. The first is a basic strapping tape, which is quite rigid and is useful to hold or lock the affected area in a certain position, not to cause further injury as you go about your everyday activities.

The second type of taping is with Kinesiology tape. This is a flexible/elasticised form of tape which does not restrict your movement of the affected area. This type of tape acts as a backup muscle system which allows your muscles to rest increasing the healing process while you go about everyday activities. Kinesiology tape can be used on shoulders, knees, arms, backs, legs and even plantar fascia (bottom of your foot). It is designed to act as your muscles would if they were fully functional and not injured.


If you would like to add taping to your next treatment at LUNA please make a booking with our Taping expert – Corinna De Weerd.