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Six unexpected benefits of remedial massage

The benefits of massage therapy extend beyond relaxation and stress-relief. Here are six unexpected benefits of remedial massage.

From better memory to ‘growing taller’, here are six reasons to get a massage that may surprise you.

If you’ve ever asked ‘what is remedial massage’, chances are you’ve also wondered about the benefits of remedial massage. Needing to relax, unwind and relieve muscle tension are among reasons we’re all familiar with when it comes to seeking this service - but the therapeutic treatment can do more for our bodies and minds than many people realise. Here are six unexpected benefits of remedial massage therapy: 

1.  Improved focus and concentration 

Are you under the pump at work and struggling to stay focused, or finding it difficult to focus on preparation for a big presentation? There are a number of factors that impede our focus and concentration. Among the most common are stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalances. Remedial massage can alleviate these ailments by: reducing tension in your muscles - signalling to your brain that you are safe and don’t need to stress, increasing blood circulation to provide your brain with more oxygen, improving your quality of sleep and releasing ‘feel good’ endorphins like serotonin and dopamine.

2. Better digestion

Have you ever had a massage, and woken up the next day feeling lighter or with a flatter stomach? That’s because remedial massage can rebalance the parts of your body that are directly linked to digestion. Massage increases the metabolism of nutrients and antioxidants throughout the body, flushing out toxins and helping the wonderful machine that is your body to operate with ease. It also rebalances the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which signifies to the body that we are safe and don’t need to store food. 

3. Healthier relationships 

We humans crave connection, and relationships are one of the most important pillars in our lives. Whether you take time out individually to refill your cup or come in together for a couples massage, the restorative treatment can enhance relationships by helping to foster intimacy and increasing feelings of calm and wellbeing. Physical touch releases those ‘feel good’ hormones and the act of simply taking time out to nurture your relationship will help to make you both feel more valued. A number of our clients come in with their partners and report seeing benefits at home. 

4. More energy  

While massage can be highly effective in aiding relaxation and de-stressing the body, it can also help to increase energy levels that need to be restored. Applying pressure to specific points of the body works to boost lymphatic drainage, encouraging a stronger blood flow and increasing oxygenation to our muscles and other cells. Oxygen is what our bodies use to create energy, so the more we have - the more invigorated we will be. A number of our clients work in high-performance industries (both physically and mentally) and incorporate massage to maintain optimum energy levels. 

5. Brighter, tighter skin 

Regular massage doesn’t just aid the cells inside of your body, it targets those on the outside too. Deep tissue massage also doubles as an effective exfoliant for your afflicted areas. By reducing the buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, the skin’s texture is improved, pores are tightened and your fresh, healthy skin cells are able to shine through. Relaxing your muscles and reducing stress will also help to give your skin a rejuvenated appearance. 

6.  Improved posture 

“I feel so much taller!” is something we commonly hear from our remedial massage clients after they receive treatment. They’re often surprised by this, but there’s no hidden secret here. Remedial massage targets muscles and tissues that are tensed or knotted, which may be causing you to hunch over or contort your spine. When these are relieved, your posture is improved and you quite literally stand taller. 

Remedial massage is a powerful preventative treatment to rebalance and realign the body, but the renowned technique can also be highly effective in proactively enhancing your mental capacity, digestion, relationships, posture and overall well being. If you’re curious to see how remedial massage can benefit you, book your appointment with one of our specialists today.

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